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08 January, 2015
Rutland, VT,

Compassion fatigue is real and prevalent to those working in the addiction field. It is now considered an organizational contagion. Its insidious quality can corrode the individuals emotional, mental, and physical health. It also can destroy relationships, family, and career. If compassion fatigue is not recognized and addressed it can lead to Secondary Traumatic Stress Syndrome and eventually complete burnout.

Participants will learn how to balance boundaries and compassion, each of which plays a role in creating healthy relationships with the individuals they serve. Participants will study the types of boundaries that exist in human behavior and what drives them. With a self-assessment process, participants will discover their own personal boundaries and how that may affect their work and their life.

This training is essential for anyone working in the addiction field. Many people choosing this field are at a high risk for developing compassion fatigue, which can be detrimental to their peer work and their own recovery. Learn about the risks, symptoms, and solutions to keep you healthy and balanced while you help others. Don’t let the cost of caring take away the very reason you came into this field.