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01 May, 2015
Hope, Middlebury VT

A comprehensive look into ethical codes of conduct and their role in peer support services and clinical settings. Often ethical codes are muddied when working with human beings struggling with obstacles such as addiction and mental health conditions. This may be particularly true in Peer Support Services.   Ethics, boundaries and values are the key elements when engaging in the work. The “Do No Harm” principle must be adhered to. How do we do this and still relate to those we are working with? How do we help others follow ethical codes of conduct?   These questions will be addressed in great length in this training. Comprehensive research compiled for this training includes both national and international codes in clinical and peer settings.

Participants will study the types of boundaries that exist in human behavior and what drives them. With a self-assessment process, participants will discover their own personal boundaries and how that may affect their work and their life.   Through role play and experiential learning, participants will practice the balance of boundaries and compassion and how they each play out in creating healthy relationships with the individuals they serve.


This is 14 hour (2 day) training and workshop-CEU’s 10.5 hours -Vermont Alcohol and Drug Addiction Certification Board