Information for Vermonters

InformationPublic awareness about the pressing health issues affecting a large percentage of the state’s population is essential for making Vermont a supportive, knowledgeable and helpful environment for people affected by mental health and substance abuse issues.

We work to make information about mental health and addiction recovery available to all Vermonters. Our information resources allow people to find the help they need for themselves or their loved ones, to recognize a problem in themselves or others and reduce misinformation, invisibility and stigma.


The Vermont Alcohol and Drug Information Clearinghouse

We send a range of publications free of charge to any Vermont individual or organization who requests them.

Our publications library has information on a long list of mental health conditions, dangerous behaviors, harmful substances and addictions. You can also find a variety of other online resources at our clearing house.

Upcoming Events

Get more information at our upcoming informative events and trainings.

Vermont Agencies & Resources

Find more specialized resources at a number of public health organizations and treatment centers around Vermont.


Stay up to date on mental health, addiction, treatment, recovery and other pressing health issues around Vermont.

Helpful Links

Other sources of information about mental health and addiction recovery on the web.